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The protector is often in the shadows. When high profile personalities require security as they travel, their armed escort is often referred to as their ‘shadow’… a bit of extra muscle that is just out of sight, but immediately ready for action.

Everyone deserves to be “shadowed” by a trusted and capable companion. Not everyone can afford a full security detail; but a Shadow Systems firearm? That’s easy. Take charge of your own personal security. Enjoy the peace of mind of an insanely capable Shadow at your side.

We started in 2016 with this in mind. Shadow Systems is serious about becoming a leader in this industry and has invested in the resources to do it. We have created a manufacturing facility that allows us to do in-house manufacturing of slides, barrels, triggers, and internals. We have proprietary MIM and injection molding tooling for frames and small parts. All springs and connectors are manufactured to Shadow Systems engineering specifications, to provide upgraded performance and reliability. This investment offers unparalleled value for our customers in every product that we create.

Our philosophy in this space is to create a product that provides unparalleled quality, reliability, price, and delivery in everything we do. Our quality comes from premium materials, premium machining, and REAL testing in carry, combat, and competition roles. Our philosophy on reliability is that “a 4 lbs. bang always beats a 3 lbs. light strike.” We engineer for reliability first and foremost. We have focused on vertical integration to yield cost savings for Shadow, which allows us to provide the best value in the industry. Sophistication in our supply chain management yields shorter lead times and on-time deliveries.